17 April 2024

The European Green Steel Industry Summit 2024

Antwerp, Belgium

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The European Green Steel Industry Summit 2024 is poised to be a pivotal event in the realm of sustainable steel production. Scheduled to occur on the 17th and 18th of April in Antwerp, Belgium.

This summit will hope to stand as a further building block for the wider steel industry’s transition towards eco-friendly practices. Hosted amidst the vibrant Belgian city known for its historical significance and industrial prowess, the summit promises to connect leading experts, industry innovators, policymakers, and stakeholders in a collaborative effort to accelerate the green transformation within the steel sector.

With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable manufacturing techniques, the summit aims to address critical challenges faced by the steel industry while paving the way for a more environmentally conscious future. Key themes of discussion are anticipated to include carbon-neutral steel production, innovative technologies, circular economy principles, and regulatory frameworks fostering sustainability.

The event will feature a line-up of senior-level/C-suite speakers, presenting insights on cutting-edge advancements, successful case studies, and strategic initiatives designed to revolutionize the steel manufacturing landscape. Attendees can look forward to engaging panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, fostering collaborations that are essential for driving change and fostering a more sustainable steel industry.

Antwerp, a city renowned for its port, which serves as a gateway for international trade, offers an apt backdrop for this critical summit. Its historical significance in the steel industry, combined with a progressive approach towards sustainable practices, underscores the city’s significance as the host.

ACI’s European Green Steel Industry Summit 2024 is not merely a gathering but a call to action, emphasising the collective responsibility to shape a genuinely sustainable future for the steel sector and its stakeholders. This summit is anticipated to be a catalyst for transformative changes, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more environmentally conscious steel industry.