21 April 2024

International Conference of Sustainable Construction

Casablanca, Morocco

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The building industry is responsible for 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissionsand resource waste, meaning there is big opportunity to decrease its environmental footprint.

 How do we design and build in a changing climate with extreme weather, variable resources, biodiversity loss and social emergencies? What can we abandon or adapt from our past and provide relevant technologies and solutions for a fast-changing world?

Aiming to combat global warming, sustainable construction plays an important role to reduce carbon emissions during the construction phase.

 The International Conference of Sustainable Construction aims to bring together international institutions, companies, researchers, professionals, and students to share knowledge and experiences. They will be related to sustainability in the construction industry during all the life-cycle process: from the design project to the demolition, reuse, and recycling waste, in the global environment and circular economy context. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to support the ecological use of materials, the rational use of energy with renewable systems and energy-efficient buildings, the recycling processes and the management of waste generated in all these activities.