1 October 2024

10th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns 2024

Aalborg, Denmark

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Local leaders play a crucial role in not only meeting global and European climate targets, but taking sustainability to the next level. In 2024, they will gather in Aalborg (Denmark) for the 10th edition of the European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns (ESCT) to discuss, share ideas, and bolster their role in guiding Europe towards a secure and sustainable future.

The 2024 conference will once again demonstrate the urgent need for local governments to assume responsibility for urban transformation and lead the way in guiding Europe towards a secure and sustainable future. This will be Aalborg’s third time hosting an ESCT conference; their first times led to the ground breaking Aalborg Charter (1994) and Aalborg Commitments (2004), both of which have been recognised as local sustainability milestones.

Join over 800 participants from local and regional governments, European and international institutions, multilateral organisations, the research community, businesses, and civil society to be part of the movement for transformational change. Mark your calendars now!

The 2024 edition of this flagship conference series on local sustainable development will build on the legacy of previous conferences including, most recently, the 2020 conference that led to the Mannheim Message. ESCT 2024 will continue to the call for core systemic changes and key policy shifts needed to bring about transformation for a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable Europe.